57-3080 Support Aircraft for the Silver Eagles

United States Army Aviation Precision Demonstration Team

In 1976 Caribou (YC-7A)  57-3080 (c/n # 4) was assigned to the Silver Eagles as a support aircraft to replace two UH-1 from the school fleet.  The Caribou was used to transport aircraft parts and the support team to and from show site.   The Aviation School provided crew for the Caribou.  At most show sites, the aircraft was put on static display and the crew greeted spectators and answered their questions about the aircraft.  For its support role, the aircraft was given a unique blue and white paint job.  The aircraft has now been painted olive-drab and is parked in front of the Army Aviation Museum in Fort Rucker. 


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 57-3080 at different unknown locations in 1976  (Arthur C Thornburgh)


<<< 57-3080 making a low approach at an location unknown in 1976. (LTC Benjamin B. Powell, Jr.)

>>> 57-3080 in a 1975 during the process of painting the aircraft for its Silver Eagle support role.  Here it is all blue.  The white was added later. (LTC Benjamin B. Powell, Jr.)

<<< Caribou 57-3080 (c/n # 4) support aircraft for the Army's Silver Eagle Helicopter Demonstration team. Date and location unknown. (Len Lundh)

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