Miscellaneous Photos

(Unable to ID aircraft/unit/location)


<<< CV-2B Caribou (unknown c/n #) (Al Lindley)

>>>  New CV-2 at DeHavilland Plant, no tail number painted yet (U.S. Army)

<<< Two AC-1's at the DeHavilland Plant in Canada (year unknown) without tail numbers * Note the DHC-2 (U-6) "Beaver" in the background (Redstone Army Arsenal)

>>> Caribou cargo area loaded with a jeep that will air dropped date and location unknown . (AOCA Historian Archives)

<<<  Member of the 18th AOD parks a Caribou at Soc Trang, Vietnam. (Wayne Buser - 1963) 

>>> Caribou on approach to Soc Trang, Vietnam (Wayne Buser - 1963)

<<< Unknown Caribou  the ramp at Soc Trang, Vietman in 1963.  (Wayne Buser) 

>>> 61-2396 cockpit shows Don Ancelin in the pilots seat and Jim Davis in the co-pilots seat. Taken in February, 1963 at Yuma Test Station.  (Jim Davis)

<<< Caribou 62-4156 (cn # 92) date and location unknown . (AOCA Historian Archives)

>>> Caribou 63-9729 (cn # 167) date and location unknown . (AOCA Historian Archives)

<<< 61-2398 (c/n # 58) assigned to the Special Forces Aviation Unit at Fort Bragg, NC in 1964. (Mutza collection)

>>> Caribou 62-4156 (c/n # 92) without radar dome, date unknown.  (Bruce Burlingame via Lynn Burlingame)

<<< Caribou 61-2594 (c/n # 72) without radar dome, date unknown. (U.S. Army)

>>> Caribou 62-4144 (c/n # 79) without radar dome, date unknown.  (U.S. Army)

>>> 60-5439 (cn # 32) in Vietnam (location unknown) in 1966. (John Sanford)

>>> Unknown Caribou taken at the Oasis strip, 10 mi. SW of Pleiku, Vietnam in 1966. (John Sanford)

<<< Unloading a French car  - date and location unknown. (AOCA Archives)

>>> RVN troops in a Caribou  - date and location unknown. (AOCA Archives)

<<< Unknown Caribou unloading at an unknown location in RVN 1966 (AOCA Archives)

>>> A Pathfinder cargo drop from a Caribou date & location unknown. (Jim McNamee/AOCA archives)

<<< 61-2594 (cn # 72) date & location unknown.  (Jim McNamee/AOCA archives)

>>> Somewhere in Thailand (Mike Overcash )

<<<  Out the pilot's window an Army Mohawk (OV-1) at the Tan Son Nhut airport. (Mike Overcash)

>>> Locals getting some shade under a Bou, location unknown (Mike Overcash)

<<< Caribou taking off at Duc Phong, RVN    (Mike Overcash)

>>> Caribous on the ramp at Vung Tau ramp  (Mike Overcash)

<<< U.S. Army CH-47 lifts an unknown Caribou location unknown 4-6-66  

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