U.S. Army Golden Knight Caribous 


57-3079 (cn # 5)


57-3079 on static display at the US Army Transportation Museum at Fort Eustis, Virginia, December 7, 2008. (Dean Heald)

US Army Golden Knight Jump Team members leave 57-3079. Date & Location unknown.              (Mutza collection)

57-3079 on display at U.S. Army Transportation Museum Fort Eustis at Fort Eustis, VA

<<< 73079  Supporting the Army's Golden Knight Team at an unknown airport on 10-27-75 (Dennis W. Robinson)

>>> Caribou 57-3079  in Army Golden Knights Parachute Team colors. (Army Transportation Museum, Fort Eustis, VA) 


57-3082 (cn # 7)

Caribou 57-3082  support aircraft for the Army's Golden Knights team 1975. (Bob Picket via Wayne Mutza)


57-3083 (cn # 8)

Caribou 57-3083  support aircraft for the Army's Golden Knights team. (Len Lundh)


63-9765 (cn # 232)

 <<< 39765 at MacDill AFB (MCF/KMCF) Tampa, Florida on August, 1980. (Peter Moore)

>>> 0-39765 on the ramp at the Edwards AFB Museum, California  in 2000 (Edward Air Force Museum)

<<< 0-39765 last Caribou built for the Army in Golden Knight colors  at the Edwards AFB Museum, CA in 12/92. (Floyd Burks)

>>> 39765 in service with the Golden Knights at Niagara Falls, NY  7/14/84.  (Tom Hildreth)

<<< 39765  Assigned to the Army's Golden Knights Parachute Team at the Niagara Falls Air Show in July, 1984.  (Bill Knight)

>>> Army 39765  flying with 51608 (C-31) both in Golden Knights colors. Date& location unknown  (US Army)


<<< 62-2396 (c/n # 56) with Jim Davis in the pilots seat and Don Ancelin in the co-pilots seat and F/E Jim Piggot on the engine nacelle and the Army's Golden Knights standing across the walkway. This photo was was in the July 1963 edition of the Army Information Digest. (Jim Davis)

>>> 1963 Army Golden Knights Team in 61-2396 in February, 1963 at Yuma Test Station. They were trying to set some world record. (Jim Davis)

<<< 61-2396 makes a low pass over the target drop zone after a drop.  Lt. Martin, the Golden Knights commander is waving.  (Jim Davis)  


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