57th Aviation Company

Unit History
<<< Group photo of some of the Pilots and Crew Chiefs of the 57th Aviation Company with Caribou 61-2402 (c/n # 64) in background, date and location unknown. (Bruce Burlingame via Lynn Burlingame)

>>> Back of the photo with names. (Bruce Burlingame via Lynn Burlingame)

<<< Crew Chief Bruce Burlingame with his Caribou "OZ" 61-2402 (c/n # 64).  (Bruce Burlingame via Lynn Burlingame)

>>> Group photo of 57th Aviation Company and 138th Transportation Detachment personnel, date and location unknown)  (Bruce Burlingame via Lynn Burlingame)

<<< Fort Sill, OK airfield in early 1965 (Richard Davis)

>>> Couple of Caribous from the 57th Aviation Company on the ramp at Fort Sill, OK in early 1965 (Richard Davis)

<<< 61-2407 (C/N # 68) of the 57th Avn. Co. at Fort Sill, OK early 1965 (Richard Davis)

>>> 57th Aviation Company & 51st Trans Det. at Fort Sill, OK in January, 1964 (Unknown CV-2B in background)          Jeff Phelps

<<< 62-4165 (cn 103) the first aircraft assigned to the 57th Aviation Company at Fort Sill, OK in 1963. (Gordon Nichols/AOCA archives)  
Vietnam History




<<< 57th Aviation patch used in Vietnam 1966 (Richard Davis)

>>> 57th Aviation Company and 138th Transportation Det. sign at Vung Tau, RVN on 4/66 (Bob Stefanik)



 <<< 61-2384 (cn # 39) assigned to the 57th Aviation Company at Landing zone - X-Ray in Vietnam in 1965. (Sidney Reeder/AOCA archives)  

>>> 61-2399 (cn # 59) of the 57th Aviation Company at a rubber plantation (Mike Overcash)

 <<< Artwork on a Caribou of the 57th Aviation company (AOCA Archives)

>>> 61-2405 (cn 60) of the 57th Aviation Company - date and location unknown. (AOCA Archives)


61-2405 (cn # 60) crashed near An Khe  on 10-28-66 these photos show the cock-pit and forward cabin at Da Nang, Vietnam.  (Richard Davis)



 61-2386 (cn  42)  was destroyed by VC mortar attack at Vung Tau in December, 1965, this is the Official story.

Not so reported Richard Davis . The mechanics used to hook up a long fuel line to the fuel line in the wheel well and turn on the boost pump and was hose down the engine before doing regular scheduled maintenance. Well a APU was running and the AVGAS flowed over the wing, and of course it hit the APU and ignited. Everyone in the plane got out with any major injuries.  Richard Davis took these photos of 61-2386 after the incident. 



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