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35 Squadron in Australia

The 35 Squardon flew its last missiion in Vietnam On February 13, 1972. The last aircraft depart for RAAF Base Richmond in New South Wales on February 19, 1972. Richmond was also the home of the 38 Squardon. On July 1, 1976 the Squardom relocated to RAAF Townsville, Queensland and formed a comosite unit with  Iroquois (UH-1) helicopters  in support of Army units based in Northern Australia. the 35 Squadron was the only RAAF Squardon to ever be simultaneously equipped with rotary and fixed wing aircraft. In November 1989, 35 Squadron reverted to a purley fixed wing role when the UH-1 helicopters were transferred to the Australian Army. Operating eight caribous of the Squardon continued to provide tactical transport to the Army until 2000 when it was reduced to a "paper only" status and its aircraft transferred to 38 Squadron. On January 14, 2013 the 35 Squadron was reactivated an were scheduled to receive 10 Alenia C-27J "Spartan" transport aircraft.

 Members of the RTFV and 35 Squadron have formed a great association, check out their web site at:

<<< RAAF A4-140 (c/n # 140) was taken at Tamworth in New South Wales, Australia...after a really rough trip from Amberley, it was a wonderful afternoon sun at Tamworth and we were deploying into the field for tactical operations 11/26/95.       Lenn Bayliss)

>>> A4-285 (c/n # 285) at the RAAF Laverton airfield in Victoria in 35 SDN markings on March 27, 1977. (George Canciani)

 Jason Sou submitted these 'cartoon Bous', they were a creation of Kris Nash when he was serving with the 35 Sqn in Townsville in 1999

<<< A4-235 of the 35 Squadron Caribou at RAAF Base Townsville after sunset. August 1, 1983

>>> A4-152 (C/N 152)   35 Squadron RAAF Fairbairn, ACT Australia, October 16, 1995  (Bruce Linwood)


<<< A4-208 (c/n 208)  35 Squadron at Richmond Base, NSW (1973)

>>> A4-235 of the 35 Squadron on Koolan Island, 1989

 <<< A4-275 tail logo is 35 years in service  




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